FireGame - TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023

Publish Date:2023-08-10 15:25:23


September 21 (Thu.) ~ 24 (Sun.)


Hello everyone! We are FireGame. Since our establishment in 2015, we've continually explored the cutting edge of AR, VR, and MR technology. As a specialized innovation-driven enterprise, we've crafted unique and unforgettable immersive experiences for our global audience.


🏆 Industry-leading and Internationally Recognized

Over the years, FireGame's digital and XR products have won numerous awards both domestically and internationally. We've also provided technical support to many top-tier Chinese enterprises, solidifying our leadership position in the industry.


🎮 One-stop Service, Bringing Your Vision to Life

Whether it's comprehensive game customization, digital space exhibition halls, creative cultural tourism, educational training, or the avant-garde virtual humans, FireGame has the expertise to provide professional solutions. Furthermore, our technical team offers services like IP enhancement, creative planning, visual effects, content customization, and hardware development, aiming to provide a one-stop technical support to our partners.


🌍 Expanding International Collaborations, Winning the Future Together

At the Tokyo Game Show, we aim to establish connections with more international partners and seek appropriate distribution and sales collaborations. Our in-house AR, VR, and MR products are ready for the global stage, and we are also eager to co-develop and port high-quality game products.


We look forward to seeing you! Please visit our booth for a face-to-face discussion and potential collaboration opportunities.



🏆 業界をリードし、国際的に認知されています



🎮 ワンストップサービスで、あなたのビジョンを実現



🌍 国際的な協力を拡大し、未来を共に勝ち取る




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